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       Adult Rabbits To Re-home

We occasionally have some older rabbits which we need to rehome, such as retired breeding does or ex-show/stud bucks. 

The benefit to having an older rabbit is that they have gone through their adolescent stage and have reached maturity with their personalities as well as their size. They make excellent pets as they have been well handled and can also make good companions for other rabbits. 


We have a beautiful 4 year old doe retiring from breeding & looking for a new home where she can receive lots of well deserved love!

She has a super temperament, is very friendly & will make a lovely pet. She could also make a good companion for a lonely buck.



 Please contact us for details

Tel: 01372 452524 or 07752 273418  

email: ncullis@talktalk.net



  In memory of some of our past bunnies now enjoying retirement.......




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