Hufflepuff and Hermione!!! Hufflepuff and Hermione!!! Hermione this is Hermione. An inquisitive little bunny 124344626 Hermione Oh what's this camera doing up here!! says Hermione being inquisitive yetb again 124344627 Hufflepuff this is Hufflepuff. Not the most active rabbit ever!!! 124344628 Hufflepuff Relaxation is the key to a happy bunny!! 124498389 Both Yummy in my tummy 124498390 Hermione Do you think the sun is too bright? 124498391 Huflepuff Glug glug glug 124498392 Daddy, huff and hermione What do u think would happen if one went one way and the other went the other way???!!! 124498393 Me, huff and hermione Yummy food 124498394 Hermione Glug glug glug 124498395 Hufflepuff I think i will have a wash before i go to bed! 124498396 Me and Huff He was cute when he was younger! 124498397 Bunny hutch Can u belive this is for two dwarth bunnies! Joined by a cat flap 124498398 Bunny Hutch Run + extra long extension and attached extra house for the daytime! 124498399