Amber and Radley Amber and Radley We are a couple of fluff balls. 91032356 Cabbage time 91032357 Am I not the cutest thing you have ever seen!! 91032358 FEED ME NOW... 91032359 Ohhhh Can I get or not.... 91032360 I am a lady!!!! 91032361 Still with their baby fur..... 91108004 UMM So what are you looking at??? 91484961 Question, what am I? Gremlin, Water bottle cover or a very soppy rabbit 91484962 Radley in his megga cure mode.. 91484963 Hello 91484964 we like to make a mess 91484965 This is my sofa ok 94173017 Which is my best side!!! hALF LIGHT DUSTY ORAGE HALF LILAC 94173018 Ok Runnnnnn 94173019 Strawberry time.... 94173020 Feet togeather paws clean, ears to the side and off I go 97398710 Well what am I suposed to do with this. 97398711 The day after the op and we look a bit of a mess.... 97398712 I am a furby 99144430 My bean and your not having it. 99144431 APPLE PAIR 99144432 My food bowl 99144433 buttons eaten by Amber..... 105592355 no its not what you are thinking 105592356 My biowl and I will wear it.. 105592357 Radley has yet again been contaminated by human contact and now has to be washed all over by Amber......... 105592358 Yet again Amber has showered Radders witht he contents of the litter tray..... 114753032 This time last year we only had one food bowl, now we have one each and still want them to be full............ 125930169 This is my pillow............ 125930170 Check back to the previous photo like this, god I am still good looking and have some baby fluff, well try to retain it but I keep being combed.... Phot 3 is the previous one... 125930171 As it says on the box Dunk or Crunch, I dont think I will find a mug that is big enough......... 125930172 Dusty and Mexi come to stay................ 125930173 FRIDGE WATCH.. 125930174 My birthday and I will sit here all evening if I want... 125930175 Blanket time 125930176 125930177