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    Our Youngsters.....

Bonita's Babies Born 2nd Dec - Ready around 26th Jan
1 black, 2 chocolate
Lolly's Babies Born 5th Jan - Ready around 2nd Mar
1 lilac & 3 blue
Nutmeg's Babies Born 13th Jan - Ready around 9th Mar
1 blue & 2 black
Minstrel's Babies Born 18th Jan - Ready around 15th Mar
4 Babies
We know the colours of the babies when they are about 10 days old and their sexes when they are about 6 weeks old. Once we have these details they are added to this page.  If you are on our waiting list you will be contacted at this point.  The babies are ready to go to their new homes between 8 - 10 weeks of age.