Lucy Goldfinch Lucy Goldfinch Phoebe, my 2nd rabbit. Phoebe 31487021 Phoebe My snuggle bunny 52824380 My Chinchilla Rabbit My Little Bunny 52824381 Phoebe 2! A close up of her gorgeous face! 52824734 Maddie My 2nd Rabbit Maddie 52824735 Phoebe Funny Bunny This is her who are you face!!! 52824738 Feebs Her nickname are feebs and phoebedacious! 52824739 Phoebedacious Awwwh Bless her little heart 52824740 Chutney Chutney is so sweet. When I give him cuddles sometimes he climbs onto my head!! He is adorable! 82654903 Snickers Snickers is the most soppy bunny ever because he flattens himself when you stroke him, he is calm and always relaxed but also as he is funny in what he does... 82654904 Rosie Rosie is a timid bunny from a rescue centre. She is gorgeous and even though we have had her for 1 year she is very scared when you stroke her. She is lovely and is beginning to show how friendly she really is. 82654905 Jim Jim lives with Rosie and he loves her so much!! They always lie down, sit and eat together! Jim is such an intelligent bunny! 82654906 Candy Candy has the nickname Cannonball because she always comes charging out of her hutch when it is her time to run around!! 82654907 Maddie Maddie is absolutely crazy down to her mad lionhead fluff!!!! She is bonkers and loves running. She would be an amazing companion on Doctor Who!! 82654908 Rosie and Jim Two beautiful bunnies who come from rescue centres. They love each other so they are friends for life! 82654909 Mortimer As you can see he is bonkers!! 95524087 Morty He is also known as Morty!! 95524088 Morty - Big Feet!! He has huge feet! 95524089 Chutney! Mr Intelligent! 95524090 Phoebe Now! Cute??!! 95524091 Phoebe Bunny!!!!!! A gorgeous little girl... only one year old! 95524092 Chutney Again!! Very Cute x 95524093 Snicky Boo!! Cute Little Dude!! 95524094 Maddie Lovely Girl... 95524095 Rosie Bun! Huge Ears and A Big Personality! 95524096 Madster Cute. 95524097 R + J Rosie and Jim ---- Friends Forever!!! 95524098 Hector Got him recently and is very cuddly xx 95524099 Spike Love Ya Forever 95524100 Puddy - The Cat A new addition! 95524101 Jim Cool Bunny!! 95524102 Puddy Chilling!!!!!!! My Cat xxxx 95524103 Phoebe Her as a baby.... two days after we got her! 95524104 Snicky xx Nicki's photo of him that shows how cute he is!! 95524105 Snickers Lovely and Bubbly 95524106 Rosie Cuddly Now!! 95524107 Candy Known as CannonBall!!!!!!!! 95524108 Patch Spikes little bro! 95524109