Springfield Rabbits

Specialising in Pedigree Mini Lops

              Holiday Boarding


We offer a holiday boarding facility for rabbits and guinea pigs. They do not have to be bought from us, it is open to all.

If you are unable to find someone willing or reliable enough to look after your pet when you go away we are happy to have them to stay.

Our hutches are well kept with fox proof wire and bolts so your pet will be safe.  They are in areas sheltered from the weather and during the winter they are covered and insulated to keep your pet warm and protected.  They are cleaned out regularly and your pet will have a regular supply of fresh hay, grass and greens to nibble on.

We have runs with covers so your pet can have a run around on the grass (weather permitting). 

Your pet will be handled daily and receive lots of love and attention whilst they are with us.

We offer other services at an extra cost which can be carried out whilst your pet is staying with us or treatment appointments can be made. We can supply any of the treatments required as well as administer them.

Gooming, Claw clipping, Worming, Anti-Parasite Treatment & Fly Guard Application

If you wish to make a booking either email or call us with the following details:

Dates & times you wish to drop off and collect

Breed & names of rabbit(s) or guinea pig(s)

Your full name & both your home & mobile tel nos


For enquiries contact Nicki

Tel: 01372 452524 or 07752273418


Please be aware we do get very busy during the school holidays so try to book well in advance if possible 


Terms and Conditions

  • Your pet will be kept in a safe clean environment whilst staying with us and cared for to the best of our ability.
  • You must supply the dry food for your pet, which will be fed as instructed by you.  If there is insufficient food to last the duration of their stay we shall supply a new bag (Burgess Excel) which you will be charged for and pay in cash on collection. All other feed and bedding required will be provided by us. 
  • Your pet must be up to date with their vaccinations, which for rabbits is VHD-1, Myxomatosis & VHD-2.  The inoculation certificates must be brought with you for us to check when you drop your rabbits off to stay with us.
  • You must inform us of any existing medical conditions your pet may have and if they require medicine we are happy to administer it at an extra charge.
  • We do not accept responsibility for any illness or death if such should happen whilst your pet is in our care. We will endeavour to contact you if any problem arises using the emergency contact telephone number on your booking form.  If we unable to contact you we will follow the advice given to us by the vet.
  • Any costs incurred for veterinary treatment your pet receives must be paid by you in cash on collection.  There will also be an additional charge for each trip we have to make to the vet to cover the cost of petrol and time.
  • Your pet should have been treated for worms and parasites and in the summer months we advise they are treated for Fly Strike.  We offer a service to supply and administer treatments at extra cost.
  • We offer a grooming and claw clipping service at extra cost which we are able to do whilst your pet is staying with us or treatment appointments can be made.
  • We have an appointment system for drop offs and collections and ask that you arrive at the time arranged.  If you are running late or need to change your appointment you MUST phone us to arrange another time.  If you arrive late without informing us we cannot guarantee we will be available to see you.
  • At time of booking we require full payment.
  • If  prior to your arrival date you wish to cancel or wish to make any changes to your booking charges will be incurred.
  • If you are unable to collect your pet on the day arranged due to unforeseen circumstances please phone us and we will arrange to accommodate your pet for the extra time necessary. The extra cost must be paid by you in cash on collection.
  • If you any reason you wish to collect your pet earlier than arranged this is possible by appointment, but there will be no refund of monies already paid.