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    We have litters that will be ready to go to new homes in August

To see the details of our youngsters click below


News of Litters

For enquiries contact Nicki

07752 273418

Please be aware we normally have a waiting list

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We sometimes have adult bunnies who are retiring and looking for a loving new home to go to

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Our breeding is well thought through and planned to ensure our youngsters are strong, healthy & have good temperaments.

 We home any babies we do not wish to keep ourselves for showing & breeding.  They will be allowed to go to their new homes when they are between 8-10 weeks old.

We very often have a waiting list so if you are interested in having babies from us please email us your details & we will be happy to add you.

We do not allow our babies to be reserved until we are happy with their health & condition & have confirmed their sexes.  This is normally when they are between 5-6 weeks old & we contact the people on our list at this point to let them know what we have available & reservations can be made.


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Collection of your Rabbit


When you come to collect your rabbit(s) we will spend time thoroughly going through all the important information to ensure you understand how to care for your new rabbit.  

It is a good idea to read the information on our website, especially the Care Guide page, to help you prepare.

We will also be showing you how to properly handle your rabbit. You can read information on this on the Handling page.

You will be given a Birth Certificate & Care Guide to take home. 

We will be asking you about the hutch & setup you will be providing your rabbit to ensure it is suitable.  It is helpful if you can bring photos for us to see.

Please read our advice on the Preparation page about recommended housing.  

We stock rabbit accessories & equipment and we also offer to supply Starter Packs which contain all the essential items you will need.

You can collect any products from us in advance of your baby rabbit if you wish to do so.

For supplies details click below


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