News of Litters

Rolo's Babies Born 30th Nov - Ready 25th Jan

 1 chocolate torte, 1 fawn, 3 chocolate


Pumpkin's Babies Born 10th Dec - Ready 4th Feb

 4 orange butterfly


Smokey's Babies Born 25th Dec - Ready 19th Feb

 2 orange butterfly, 1 orange, 1 chocolate torte

(Waiting to confirm sexes)

Jasmine's Babies Born 30th Dec - Ready 24th Feb

 3 sooty fawn butterfly

(Waiting to confirm sexes)

Fudge's Babies Born 7th Jan - Ready 4th Mar

 2 orange butterfly, 2 chocolate, 1 chocolate butterfly

(Waiting to confirm sexes)

Orangina's Babies Born 8th Jan - Ready 5th Mar

 1 black, 1 blue

(Waiting to confirm sexes)

Blueberry's Babies Born 15th Jan - Ready 12th Mar

 4 blue, 1 lilac

(Waiting to confirm sexes)

Pepper's Babies Born 15th Jan - Ready 12th Mar

 1 sooty fawn, 1 sooty fawn butterfly

(Waiting to confirm sexes)

If you are not already on our waiting list we will not have any babies available for you until around end of March/April

We do not allow our babies to be reserved until we know their sexes.


If you are interested in having babies from us we add your details to our waiting list.


Once we know the sexes we contact you to let you know what we have available & you will be able to reserve at that point.

We know colours when they are about 10 days old

We know sexes when they are 5-6 weeks old

They go to new homes at 8-10 weeks old

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