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Holiday Boarding


We offer a holiday boarding facility for rabbits and guinea pigs. They do not have to be bought from us, it is open to all. 

If you are unable to find someone willing or reliable enough to look after your pet when you go away we are happy to have them to stay.

Our hutches are well kept with fox proof wire and secure bolts so your pet will be safe.  They are in areas sheltered from the weather and during the winter they are covered and insulated to keep your pet warm and protected. We also have some indoor hutches.


They are cleaned out regularly and your pet will have a regular supply of fresh hay, grass and greens to nibble on. 


We have garden runs with roofs and covers so your pet can be safe and have a run around on the grass (weather permitting).


Your pet will be handled daily and receive lots of love and attention whilst they are with us.


We offer a Bunny Spa Treatment Service at an extra cost which can be carried out whilst your pet is staying with us or treatment appointments can be made separately. We supply the treatments required as well as administer them.


We offer:  Grooming, Claw clipping, Worming, Anti-Parasite Treatment & Fly Guard Application

If you wish to enquire about booking your bunnies or Guinea Pigs in for a holiday please contact us 


*Please be aware we do get very busy during the school holidays so try to book well in advance if possible*


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